Part 1 :

1. EXO-M made their entrance twice because the microphone wasn’t working when they introduced themselves for the first time.

2. Other members of EXO-M entered first followed by Kris as the fans cheered for him. He was holding on to the alpaca

3. Kris introduced himself and said in English:”Say my name!”

4. Kris was wearing 2 necklaces. One given to him by Tao, one from Luhan. (Tao said that his was really expensive)

5. Xiumin kept his present a secret. Chen gave Kris the underwear he was wearing at the party. The fans wanted to have a look at Kris’s underwear but Chen said no. (Chen was blushing)

6. There was two birthday cake for Kris. Because Kris kept talking the candles went out again and again. He had to pretend to blow out the candles in the end.

7. Kris gave a piece of the sugar frosting on the cake to Luhan and asked him if it’s edible. 

8. Kris turned around to eat his cream puff instead of doing it in front of the fans.

9. Kris said that he treasures the letters given to him by the fans the most.

10. Kris said that he’s good a good student. He is good in basket ball as well as studying. Tao replied that the next time Kris introduces himself he should introduce himself as the panda that is willing to learn everything (什么都爱学习的熊猫).

11. The fans asked Kris why he dislikes eating seafood. He replied that his mother used to eat a lot of fish when she was pregnant so that he will become smarter, and because he was in her belly and he couldn’t talk so he had to eat the fish. 

12. The members made fun of Kris and said that he ate a lot of eel before that. Kris replied that he ate all those eels for the fans. The members laughed at him and he blushed (eels are good for men…sexually so it sounded wrong) He quickly changed his reply to, eels are good for the body, so I must eat to perform better.

Part 2: 

1. Kris named his son (the alpaca doll) ACE. Xiumin or Chen then said that today is ACE’s birthday too.

2. Lay was holding on to ACE and playing with its front legs most of the time. Kris pretended to be ACE and said to Lay: “Lay sarang haeyo! I hate my papa.”

3. Kris says that he is aware of the charity work that the fans have done for him, and he can’t thank them enough for that. He hopes that they will be able to soar to greater heights with us fans by their side.

4. Kris then repeated his message in Chinese for the sake of the Chinese fans at the party.

5. Tao said to Lay informally using Kor, please don’t injure your waist again! If you injure yourself again…(and then he made a punching action). Lay replied “kam sa ha mi da”.

6. Lay was asked about a ‘touching experience/moment’. Kris said, when he met me. Lay replied, possibly, because he was glad to see a fellow Chinese trainee (Kris) and Kris was handsome and tall. He thanked god that he met Kris.

7. The mission Luhan picked for Kris is to do aegyo. The EXO-M members cheered as Kris did aegyo. Luhan then did buing-buing silently.

Part 3:

1. After making his entrance Kris bumped fists with the other members and shouted: “Let’s party!” And “Ladies~~~say my name!”

2. Chen was the MC for the party. 

3. Tao didn’t sing Three Little Bears this time. He sang 여우야 뭐하니 (fox, what are you doing) 죽었니 살았니! (are you dead or are you alive) 

(EXO-M played the game where the maknae becomes the hyung and the hyung becomes the maknae.) 

4. Chen asked Luhan: “Luhan ah, Can I sit in your bed?” Luhan replied: “Hyung…no.” 

5. Tao was really excited during the ‘informal talk’ game. He kept provoking the older members said things like “Kris you watch out when we get back home”. 

6. Chen told Xiumin to stop spending so much time in the toilet. Tao nodded in agreement. 

7.When Tao went but to the box to pick his question for the game, the fans yelled: “So tall/So handsome!!!” 

8. The fans yelled the same things when Chen went up to pick his question and Luhan told the fans to: “Stop lying.” 

9. The fans said something like “So long” (?) to Chen and Xiumin asked, what’s long? And they replied, “His fingers/his neck!!!” 

10. Kris sang Angel. 

11. Tao says that if he were to call Luhan a ‘crazy frog’ Luhan will call him a 이 새끼야 (…you rascal) 

12. Tao wrote a letter in Chinese for Kris the day before the party. He showed it to the fans. He didn’t get to read it out loud in the end because it was too long. 

13. Kris and Tao hugged each other. Because they were talking in front of Xiumin, Xiumin told them to go away while pushing them. 

14. Kris was singing Genie by GG as he walked towards his cake after Chen told him to make a wish. 

15. The shirt Kris was wearing was given to him by Luhan, not the necklace. Only Tao gave him a necklace. 

16. Lay wrote a letter to Kris too! 

17. Xiumin says that he is jealous of Kris because Kris has ‘everything that he doesn’t have) 

18. Kris replied, well I’m jealous of you too! And a fan in the front shouted, “Of what, his short height?” And the members laughed. 

19. Kris thinks that Xiumin is the most handsome member in EXO-M. Xiumin shook his head proudly and Kris said, “Well that’s just my opinion”, and Xiumin replied, it doesn’t matter as long as you think I’m handsome. 

20. Tao said that if the position of EXO-M’s leader is open he would like to be the leader but Kris said no and that ACE would make a better leader than him. 

21. Chen thinks that Kris can sing really well, so Xiumin teased him: “Your position as the vocalist might get stolen by Kris!” And Kris replied: “No I’m aiming for the position of the lead dancer. ” and told Dancing Machine Chen to be careful. 

22. Kris wanted to say 마음이 (heart),but he mispronounced it as 맘이 (mother) instead. 

23. Tao was dozing off during the party because he took medicines before that and it made him drowsy. 

24. Xiumin accidentally called Lay ‘Yi Xing’ and Chen said that they are going to have a serious discussion later because of his mistake.

via: http://exodicted.blogspot.com/2012/11/fan-account-121106-kris-birthday-party.html


[FROM EXO-M] Lu Han – Hello everyone, I am EXO-M’s Lu Han~ ^^

Hello everyone~ I am EXO-M’s Lu Han~ ^^ You’ve all been continuously waiting for us, right? All the members are all grateful and appreciate your precious thoughts.
EXO will quickly come to your side~ to all the fans, I love you~


Hello. This is EXO-K’s D.O.
I am currently at the SMTOWN concert in Thailand!
We EXO are currently getting ready to show you a cool image!
Please look forward to it and cheer on us! Thank you! Heart
Also everyone you know right? Our feelings… are the same as everyone’s. Fighting always~



Hello this is EXO-K’s Baekhyun !
While performing for SMTOWN we get to meet our fans overseas and it makes me really glad and happy !
To our fans in Korea… you are not getting jealous right? ♥
We also want to show you an EXO concert in Korea as much as you want it…..
So don’t be too sad~ ㅎㅎ
We EXO love all the fans who love EXO !
Without any difference and equally ! Really ! A lot !
Also we EXO ! Are currently working hard to get ready !
We will make sure to come and find you with a good image as soon as possible !
Please cheer on us a lot ! I am keeping an eye on you ! Fighting ! 


So I found some blog entries that were posted on this forum about Lay’s ex-gf and I decided to roughly translate it for you guys in case you were curious…this is one of the many entries she’s written about Lay. 

 I had a dream last night that seemed extraordinarily real. In the dream, we met for 15 minutes in Changsha. The dream also included your mother, grandmother, and grandfather…. They said that this may be the last time we meet, so you hugged me. I turned to leave and noticed my phone received a long list of messages that you have sent. After that, I suddenly woke up and saw a new text from you with the words: take care of your body/health. Dreams and reality started to converge and I was suddenly caught off guard. I even imagined myself deleting the text that you’ve sent. Continue lying down, I closed my eyes and asked myself, why bother? Every day, I have to face the appstore password, an important email password, qq password, the password for online orders and bank cards. I now understand how hard it is to erase you from the life that I’ve had. I never thought that I’d really lose you. You’re right, the ups and downs through the four years, the memories were beautiful. We gradually mature to wait until two people break up. But do you know? A person who has not waited won’t know the feeling of the person who can no longer even bend/move their legs (from waiting). This was written a few years back before Lay debuted. –

 (Source+Trans by: baek-hyun.co.cc)
Shared by Luhannie @ EXOdicted.blogspot.com
By EXOneplanet

Keuntungan SM Entertainment di perkirakan akan meningkat



Aset manajemen dan perusahaan Broker dari Korea Investment & Securities (KI & S) telah meramalkan bahwa SM Entertainment akan menghasilkan 43,7 miliar KRW (sekitar $ 40.300.000 USD) untuk pendapatan mereka, dan 13,7 miliar KRW (sekitar $ 12.600.000 USD)  untuk laba dalam kuartal keempat tahun 2012 .

Penjualan diperkirakan meningkat sebesar 11% dibandingkan tahun lalu, dan kenaikan laba 51,3% . Meskipun hasil ketiga perusahaan kuartal jatuh jauh dari ekspektasi analis, mereka masih tumbuh sebagai perusahaan yang memproduksi konten dan pertumbuhan mereka tampaknya tidak akan melambat.

SM aktif melakukan promosi di Jepang dan Cina, dan juga akan ada efek sinergi untuk SM C & C. SM C & C berencana untuk memperluas sebagai konten video Asia dan berpusat di produksi drama, selain untuk menjadi bisnis akting manajemen global.

Hasil diproyeksikan didasarkan dari perilisan album Single Girls ‘Generation di Jepang, serta rencana mereka untuk tur arena Jepang dan merilis album di Amerika awal tahun depan. Konser SM TOWN juga membawa jumlah yang luar biasa dari penonton di Singapura dan Thailand.

Tidak hanya itu, Sub unit Super Junior KRY mengadakan konser mereka sendiri di Jepang dengan lebih dari 15.000 penonton, dan mereka telah menambahkan hari karena permintaan. TVXQ juga telah memulai tur dunia mereka.

EXO juga akan memiliki album baru yang dijadwalkan akan dirilis pada bulan Desember, dan akan memasuki pasar Cina tahun depan . 1-2 grup pendatang baru juga akan debut tahun depan, dan f (x) bersama dengan BoA akan kembali memasuki pasar Jepang. SM juga akan mengalami tahun yang sangat sukses di Jepang tidak hanya dari Girls ‘Generation, tetapi juga SHINee dan Super Junior.

Seorang peneliti dari Korea Investment & Securities mengatakan, “Berdasarkan kegiatan mereka, penghasilan yang mereka terima dari Jepang diperkirakan sekitar 20 miliar KRW (sekitar $ 18.400.000 USD). Penjualan domestik dan asing juga meningkat. “



Source : allkpop