So I found some blog entries that were posted on this forum about Lay’s ex-gf and I decided to roughly translate it for you guys in case you were curious…this is one of the many entries she’s written about Lay. 

 I had a dream last night that seemed extraordinarily real. In the dream, we met for 15 minutes in Changsha. The dream also included your mother, grandmother, and grandfather…. They said that this may be the last time we meet, so you hugged me. I turned to leave and noticed my phone received a long list of messages that you have sent. After that, I suddenly woke up and saw a new text from you with the words: take care of your body/health. Dreams and reality started to converge and I was suddenly caught off guard. I even imagined myself deleting the text that you’ve sent. Continue lying down, I closed my eyes and asked myself, why bother? Every day, I have to face the appstore password, an important email password, qq password, the password for online orders and bank cards. I now understand how hard it is to erase you from the life that I’ve had. I never thought that I’d really lose you. You’re right, the ups and downs through the four years, the memories were beautiful. We gradually mature to wait until two people break up. But do you know? A person who has not waited won’t know the feeling of the person who can no longer even bend/move their legs (from waiting). This was written a few years back before Lay debuted. –

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